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....unbelievably delicious tasting, your body will Love you!

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** Juice is Good for 4 days from date of pick up, when refrigerated.

  • Alkaline-Purify-Inonize-Mineralize H2O System

    First: Our amazing water filtration, alkalizing water system require NO power, NO plumbing, and wastes NO water! Just pour tap or bottled water in the reservoir above and let the Velaqua, patent pending filter do the rest!. Second: What’s in the filter are natural, Earth elements, including but not limited to, coconut husks (not charcoal) and colloidal silver. The filter lasts 500 gallons (usually 6-9 months) and is replaceable for $129. (25 cents per gallon-1 cent per 8 oz glass!) Third: Our alkaline water is MICRO-CLUSTERED, and is great for cooking, cleaning fruits & vegetables, as well as drinking! For more information, please visit:

    Please specify 'White' or Black'. Retail: $299 + tax & shipping = $352.92

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We deliver between La Jolla & Carlsbad, California, West of Interstate 15. Mondays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays, to your home or office..

  • GREEN TARA JUICE (Half Gallon)

    RAW - ORGANIC! - Made Fresh Daily (5) 12oz. servings per container. 5 Day shelf life in refrigerator.

    Ingrediants: Organic~ Kale, Rainbow Chard, Dandelion, Spinach, Parsley, Apples, Banana, Coconut Oil and Alkaline Water. Non GMO - Non Pasturized- Non Filtered - Non Gluten - Non Dairy!

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Velaqua Water

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